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Re-authorizing 3rd party email - need CNAME, SPF, DKIM

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Had to transfer my domain from a not so good host to Cloudflare.  Everthing was working fine (order emails sent out, notifications working fine, etc) before this move.


I removed the domain from Shopify before I moved hosting companies.


Set up CNAME for www to point at shopify and customers are able to see my shop and place orders.  No problem there!


Issue is now - they aren't getting order confirmation emails.  Nor am I getting order emails.  I want to use the same Accont email and same Store Contact Email as I did before.  But shopify thinks it's already authorized (to my old host) and is not showing a button called "Fix This" (as per the shopify instructions) or an "Authenticate" button and thus, I'm not getting the new CNAME records needed to set up the DNS records in order to allow shopify to send emails.


I've tried putting a new temp Store Contact email - but I still do not see any buttons to "Fix this" or "Authenticate".


Test emails are not getting to me from shopify either.  Which means store contact emails probably aren't coming through as well.


thanks for any help!

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