Rebrand / renaming - new store or just rename existing one?

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Hi - has anyone here gone through the direct experience of rebranding/renaming their store? We have been around for a year and are looking to rename for a number of reasons.

The upfront (name, logo, branding design) work is done - we now are looking at the store. I was initially going to setup a new store, but not sure if I should. 

Everything will change - logo, colours, domain names, names, products, collection names, etc. We do not have a meaningful number of blog posts or SEO presence so that doesn't feel as relevant.

I'm leaning towards renaming the existing store and just using a new theme - open to other thoughts or advice you have! Thanks

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Hey @IFK.

Thanks for reaching out.

That's a great question! You can indeed use the same store, the only thing that we cannot make changes to is the URL, as this is needed to login to the store. You can change your domain and store name; both of which can be changed in your store admin. In addition to this, you can change your existing theme to a new one or just re-edit the site to reflect your new product line. It is possible to import new products using a CSV file if you would like and delete your existing products if you need to.

With that being said, I would recommend using the existing store and making these changes. Of course, if you want to start a completely new store you can do so; it just might not be necessary.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ollie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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2 points I want to be absolutely clear on.  My original store has been paused for over a year, but when active I had someone who was taking care of all that's included in the Shopify universe. It was the basic account.    I built product.  That person is no longer available to me, so I am now the Shopify Master (not a good thing).   I have to completely change everything, like IFK,   The most practical things for me to keep is the billing methods and shipping methods. Would you encourage me to just substitute the elements of the current site with new theme, store name, products, descriptions and all the various pages I have with new copy, photos etc.  ?   I was pretty intimidated when I saw instructions for coding and all these 3rd party apps.  My needs are simple.  Your comments please.