Receiving an email about using an unlicensed theme

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I have received an email supposedly from a shopify partner, claiming that a developer has gotten in contact with shopify saying that I am using a licensed or copyrighted theme, which is incorrect. I am clearly using dawn, an unlicensed and free theme from shopify. Has anybody else encountered this? I will attach the emails. A shopify advisor has said the emails are legitimate but that they might be misunderstood and I should keep using shopify like normal. But I’m worried about doing that when I have been threatened to have my store removed when I have done nothing wrong. Has anybody else encountered this? It just seems really strange. I can’t attach files but this was the email I was sent:


“We sincerely hope that you are doing well. We are investigating the copyright takedown notification that was sent to your store. In order to resolve this matter and avoid any possible inconveniences to your business, it is essential that we obtain your theme license and data as soon as possible. Maintaining the integrity of Shopify's platform and its license terms depends heavily on your assistance. Kindly respond as soon as possible with the information that has been required. I appreciate your prompt attention to this issue. Warm regards,


On Sun, Apr 21, 2024, 6:13 PM Amandine wrote:
Hello, how are you doing? My name is Amandine. I am a Shopify partner, and I'm reaching out to you because I noticed you are using an unlicensed theme in your store. 
We received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice from a theme developer claiming that your Shopify store, is using an unlicensed version of a theme in your store 
This theme is only available to buy in Shopify's Theme Store or theme Forest. Purchases of this theme made elsewhere are not licensed and each license is for a single store only.
You are given 3 days to rectify this or Your store will be taken offline after 3 days if this issue hasn't been resolved. You can resolve this issue by:
• Purchase: consider buying the theme from the Shopify Theme Store or theme forest. 
• Delete: if you choose not to purchase the theme, then you must remove it from your theme library, or
• Transfer: in cases where you previously purchased a theme for an old store but no longer use it there, you might be able to transfer it to your
I suggest you ask your website designer for the license to prevent your store from closing down.
We can also recommend an expert from our team to you to help you with this process.”
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Hi there, @Ragdollkid. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the Shopify Community with your question around this email. My name is Imogen. It's good to meet you.


Thanks for providing all of the additional context that you have here. If you're using the Dawn Theme, which as your correctly stated is a Shopify-made theme that is completely free, then it makes little sense that a Shopify Partner would be reaching out to you regarding your theme and it being in violation of a copyright, especially since the theme was one made by Shopify, and not by a Partner. As I'm unable to authenticate you here, or access your store, so I can't see exactly what theme you're using, but if it's Dawn, then this email should be ignored.


If possible, can you share the email address that sent you this email here with us? I suspect that this email could be a phishing attempt, but it's hard to say for certain without seeing the email address used to contact you. I'm also considering this as a potential explanation for the email due to some of the grammar choices and capitalization mistakes made in the messages you shared here.


In your message, you say that you spoke to an Advisor regarding the messages. I want to recommend reaching out to an Advisor again for a second opinion, as they can authenticate you, see what themes you have in your store, and they can also connect with our Partner/Theme/Safety Teams regarding the email address that was used to send you the message to see if it was legitimate.

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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