Recharge Subscription One Time Discount

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 I use ReCharge to currently manage my subscriptions. Currently, I am trying to do where you subscribe to one product and you get another for free for the first time subscriber. The item given for free is a one time event, thus will not re-occur in the future but the subscription product will remain.


I was able to create a discount in shopify that requires no promo code and is automatically applied at checkout. So far it seems to work using these settings:



  • For Online Store
  • $16.00 off 3 products
  • Applies to subscription purchases
  • Limited to 1 recurring payment
  • Applies once per order
  • Minimum purchase of $16.00
  • Can’t combine with other discounts
  • Active from today



My question is, will this order translate over to Recharge subscription and save the order for full price and re-occur? Currently, the way shopify has my subscription item discounted out to $0.00.


Thanks in advance!

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