Recommendations for an app to track inventory for a store w/ one physical location and one website

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I'm looking for a Shopify app that places POs and tracks inventory, so I can stop using Quickbooks for that.  Using Quickbooks for inventory management is time consuming and I use the desktop version so some sort of Quickbooks integration with Shopify isn't an option.

Our set up is fairly simple - one brick and mortar store, and a website. We use Shopify POS, and we can't justify paying for Shopify Pro at this point so we can't use their inventory app.

That's it, no other locations, no warehouse. Essentially, I would like to be able to do the following things on this app:

  • track inventory - update stock purchased and sold, and being able to make adjustments bc of loss, etc.
  • write purchase orders
  • receive the products when they arrive
  • calculate and incorporate the landed cost of products
  • be able to generate inventory valuation reports for tax purposes, and reports for taking physical inventory once a year.

These are all the functions I need. I've been looking through a lot of inventory management apps, but I haven't been successful in finding one that does these things and isn't hundreds of dollars a month, and includes things like shipping fulfillment and forecasting etc etc. I'm just looking for something that saves me from spending time on data entry and updating two systems.




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Hey Lily

We have our own Purchase Order system which is linked to a restock report based on inventory and sales from Shopify. There are a few automations to generate PO's to suppliers so streamlines the process.

You can receive stock against PO's as they are delivered and inventory can then be updated to Shopify. We also have a mobile app for scanning purposes which can also be of benefit for receiving stock or stock takes.

We specialize in customizing our platform for individual clients so things like reports we can create as needed.

If you would like to test it out please get in touch and we can help you get set up and testing.



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Hey @ACLLC sounds like you are running a micro-fulfillment center from the store, cool! 

One app (I'm involved with) SKUSavvy could help you here. Within the system, you can place PO's and send them off to a vendor for confirmation. Once the product is sent to your store, you can scan in the items and allocate them to an area of the store or issue a discrepancy on the PO number of items received. 

For purchasing, SKUSavvy will calculate lead time and moving average orders so that over time it will help you determine when you should be purchasing. 

Beyond this, your orders coming in from Shopify can be batched and picked-packed-shipped directly within the app, which will update customers and automatically enter tracking info.

With this system we have reports for your needs and these can be exported directly to CSV for import into Quickbooks. 

You get one free account on SKUSavvy, so might as well try it out or get in touch with us





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Hi Lily, Wondering if you would share what you ended up using. I am looking for same. Thank you! Nancy