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Redirect doesn't work

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Hi everyone

Can someone help me with this issue?
One of the vendor's pages has been removed and the page is now giving a 404. I want to redirect it to the most relevant page but I cannot get this redirect to work. 

The value I put in URL redirect in Shopify is "vendors?q=NHS%20Rainbow%20Collection" but when saving it Shopify saves it like "vendors?q=NHS+Rainbow+Collection" which doesn't solve the issue.

Does anyone know how to work around this problem?

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When creating a URL redirect in Shopify, you can use either a plus sign (+) or a percent-encoded space (%20) to represent spaces in the URL. In your case, it seems that the redirect is not working because the space in "NHS Rainbow Collection" is not being correctly interpreted by Shopify.

To work around this problem, you can try using a custom domain redirect instead. Here are the steps:

Purchase a custom domain if you don't already have one. You can do this through Shopify or through a third-party domain registrar.

Set up a subdomain for the vendor page. For example, if your custom domain is "", you could create a subdomain like "" that points to your Shopify store.

Create a new page in your Shopify store that will serve as the destination for the redirect. You can name it something like "NHS Rainbow Collection".

In your domain registrar's settings, create a CNAME record that points the subdomain to your Shopify store's domain.




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Hi Taba, Did you ever find a solution to this? We are having the same issue. Jenny

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No, not at all unfortunately.