Redirect Shopify Old Domain to New Domain

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I have a store on Shopify and domain is also bought from Shopify 

Now i have created another Shopify store and domain is bought from Namecheap,


My question is how to redirect Old Domain to New Domain, i want to redirect all traffic from old store to new store, how to do that? Both stores are active, i just want whenever customer visit my old domain, it redirects to my new domain, old domain from Shopify,new domain from namecheap, both store are from Shopify

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Hi @Umair-Abid !


You will only be able to redirect a website or domain if the domain is connected to your Shopify account though, since you cannot connect a Shopify domain to another Shopify account that are both active, you might want to try to create URL redirects instead and see how it goes. You can create a URL redirect by going to >online store >navigation >view URL redirects >create URL redirects. 



Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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