Redirecting customer after sign up

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Redirect To Home After Logging In Not Working On Dawn 2.0


Hi Can someone help me to set this up. Currently when someone creates an account it does not redirect customer after verification of e-mail. Can someone help me ?

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Hi @Sreehari 


Hope you are doing great!


To redirect customer after sign up, please place this in script tags at the bottom of your registration form liquid page. As far as I know, It's the only way that Shopify allows it:


jQuery(function() {
jQuery('#create_customer').submit(function(event) {
  var data = jQuery(this).serialize();

 //create new account'/account', data)
    var logErrors = jQuery(data).find('.errors').text();

    //if there are errors show them in the html form
    if (logErrors != "" && logErrors != 'undefined'){
        jQuery('#create_customer .errors').html(logErrors);
        jQuery('#create_customer .errors').show();

    //if account creation is successful show checkout page
      document.location.href = '/checkout';
   return false;

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