Refund/Exchange not working since this week's Update

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The Shopify update this week was great in that we no longer have to reboot after every single sale.  Support told us that was our only option until the update.  But we lost the ability to sell gift cards and to do exchanges.  We found out several settings in the store got scrambled so we fixed them but Exchanges still do not work.  We checked updates and discovered that Shopify had a second update waiting to fix problems specifically with Refunds/Exchanges so we of course installed that update happily.  Rebooted and still no Exchange option.  Guessing Shopify is already aware of the issue since there was a follow-up update.  But any ideas how to fix???

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I do not have an option to exchange. I just tried to exchange the same item for a different size and then another item for a different color. Both times our customer was refunded then had to repurchase. This is wildly inconvenient for both parties. How can we get this fixed? 

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I'm experiencing the same. The client wants to exchange for a different size and I do not see the option to "exchange". I only see refund.