Refund is not in sync with the payment app

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Hello there,

I have developed a payment app in php and stuck on refund part as 
on doing refund I get the popup Refunded 0.0
let say I am doing a refund of amount 10
Then it shows

A 3.00 INR refund is pending    .......(i)
and then Unable to refund ₹3.00 INR. even if its successful and on page refresh    ......(ii)
it shows ₹10.00 INR was refunded on [payment_app_name]........ (iii)
In (i) & (ii) the message is :

The acknowledgement of the refund request could not be received from the payment provider. Reach out to the payment provider if the refund is not completed within 24 hours.

I am following this doc but unable to figure out how to return a HTTP 201 response for the refund session creation to be successful as the issue is I am unable to return a 201 response to shopify
I have followed different payment gateway and on that after successful, failed or refund in the Timeline of the order plus the extra parameters and also in Information from the gateway there are informational parameter related to the payment so how to pass that on graphql mutation

attached the screenshot to understand the  issue better
can anyone help on these issues???


Screenshot 2022-03-30 185412.png

Screenshot 2022-03-30 185010.png




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