Reliability of Shopify Mail for marketing emails? 15k+ subscribers

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How reliable is Shopify mail for sending out marketing emails?

I tried using Shopify mail to send out a marketing blast a couple of years ago to a few thousand people, and it failed.

I've got 15,000+ subscribers.




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Hi @TonyZink !


Shopify email has two branches. One is for email marketing campaign and the other is for email automation. Surely, if this is an email marketing blast, you will be using the Shopify email campaign settings to send out email marketing to your 15,000 subscribers. However, take note though that the limitation Shopify email have free 10,000 emails per month at no cost and each additional email beyond 10,000 costs just $0.001 or $1 per 1,000 messages. If email failed to send out to subscribers as well, make sure that you were about to set up your Shopify Email correctly.


I also suggest that you explore other Best Email marketing Apps For 2024 in your Shopify app store so you can check the recommend email marketing app list and see what works best for you.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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