Remember Me section retrieves phone number from shipping address, not billing address

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I noticed today that when a new customer places a gift order with a different shipping and billing address and checks the "Remember Me" box, the phone number field right below it, supposedly for Shop Pay, is taken from the shipping address.


Isn't that odd?


If you think about whether the phone number for ShopPay should be taken from the shipping address or the billing address, it should obviously be the billing address, right?


The reason we discovered this is that a customer called us because she was having trouble logging in to Shop Pay.
She complained that she tried to log in to Shop Pay, but her cell phone could not receive a six-digit number.
After much discussion on the phone, it turned out that she had registered with the phone number of her friend, to whom the gift was sent on her last order.

I think this means that every time she came to the checkout page, the SMS was sent to a completely different person. This can be a big complaint.


We recently became a Shopify Plus merchant and thought we could handle it, but there doesn't seem to be a way to edit around Remember Me.


Does anyone know of a solution or having the same problem?


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