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After selling a product in my online store that I imported from Oberlo supplier, how will I remember the link of this product at his supplier. There are hundreds of items to manage. In the Oberlo products list, you should have a product link from the Oberlo supplier on AliExpress.


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Hey, Murillo!

Stephanie here from Shopify. 

When a customer places an order on your Shopify store, if the product was synced with Oberlo then this order will appear within the Orders section of your Oberlo app. From there, you can easily order the product from the supplier!

Here's Oberlo's support doc on ordering products for your reference -

Hope this is helpful! Feel free to reach out to our support ( if you have any other questions! We're available 24/7. 

Happy Selling!

Stephanie | Shopify Support
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I started out by using oborlo, Then I found out that they use their own affiliate links with ali and wont allow you to, so they make money off every sale you make AND  charge you per sale. So after importing 120 products I deleted the app. I created my own spreadsheet with the SKU, ITEM, URL, LINK and a few other things. 
So what I do is when theres a sale, I will search the SKU of that product in my PDF I created from the spreadsheet. Takes 1 second with the Ctrl + F. Then click the link and boom there you are. Buy the product and enter the correct details. 

If you use your own affiliate link or any other cashback service, you can use them. With oberlo you cannot. 
The only good think about oberlo is it imports all the SKU, Size, Colour.  Other than that its uselss and not worth any of my time.