Remove Express Checkout in Checkout Page

Remove Express Checkout in Checkout Page

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I used several hacks to remove the Express Checkout on the Checkout Page, but it is still super buggy and sometimes on mobile it still appears. 


We are having an age group of 35-55, and they mostly do not have those 1-Klick Checkout apps, so it really is bad on our checkout experience and drop-off rate. 


Could anybody that is a developer of Shopify for the sake of good add a checkbox to the theme designer to just disable those buttons on the checkout page without having to pay €2500 for Shopify plus. 


That is pretty much a 5-Min task, and the option is already available for Cart, PDPs etc. so I cannot understand why there is no hide-express checkout option for Shopify stores in the checkout definition. 


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We also have this problem in the netherlands. Most visitors dont want to pay with express checkout options and they think that the express checkout options are the only payment options. Huge checkout dropout numbers. Please make express checkout optional without removing paypal, apple pay and google pay at all.

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It seems that the code trick that worked before on the cart page, does not work anymore since a couple of days, I have a lot of customers asking me this week why I only offer Paypal as a payment option, because suddenly the Express checkout Paypal is shown again on top of  step 1 of the checkout.



Does anyone know what is going on?  I just read somebody saying that since "Shopify templates 2.0" this code trick doesn't work anymore. But template 2.0 was released a long time ago, and not in the past days? But I can not find any recent topic with other shopify users that experience the same as me this week.

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The amount od online chats who ask 'why can't I pay by credit card' how do I pay by Klarna' etc makes me dread to think how much business we lose due to the express checkout buttons looking like the only ways to pay. 



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Its a big conversion killer yes. Please @Shopify fix this

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You can add me to the list of disgruntled store owners that don't want the express pay options in the cart. If a customer is signed into shop pay, our store's three manual payment gateways disappear, an empty white box appears where those options should display. The only way to get the manual gateways to appear is to sign out of shop pay. Let the merchant choose what payment methods are to be offered please

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Without spending €2500 on Shopify Plus, now you can remove the PayPal Express Checkout button from the checkout page using the PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app. After installing the app, go to Add Rule page and enable the toggle to Hide of the PayPal Express Checkout field like the below screenshot.




I trust you find this useful. Thanks a bunch!