Remove old Universal Analytics Tracking code

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Universal Analytics is dead.  Long live the king.  Anybody know how to stop Shopify from loading the old UA tracking code alongside the newer GA4 code?  Many thanks!



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Hi, @plfunkymusic !


go to Online Store > Preferences. In the "Google Analytics" section, check for the old Universal analytics tracking code and remove it if it's present. Optionally, add the GA4 tracking code in the same section and save your changes. If needed, inspect your theme files by navigate to Online Store > themes, selecting "edit code" under "actions" for your current theme, and remove any references to the old Universal analytics tracking code in the code editor.Save your theme files after making these adjustments. Additionally clear your browser cache to make sure youre not viewing cached content

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Hi @ignelis_ - i've actually just sorted this via an answer way down in another thread. 


The solution for me was really simple - i disconnected Google Ads from my Google setup and the additional tags have gone.  I guess some changes within Google Ads would also fix this issue.

Thanks again for your answer.  Hope this helps folks.