Remove Shop Pay, PayPal and google Pay button in shopping cart

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Hello friends,

despite the other topics, I am unable to remove the three payment buttons of Shop Pay, PayPal and Google Pay from my shopping cart page. Can someone help me?

password: hidevs
Theme: dawn
(ofcourse something needs to be in the shopping cart)

As you can see I've already added a piece of code at the bottom.

base css.png

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To remove the Shop Pay, PayPal and Google Pay buttons in the shopping cart, you will need to modify the code in the shopping cart page. Depending on what type of platform you are using, the code and the steps for removing these buttons will vary.


If you are using a platform such as WordPress or Shopify, you can access the code and remove the buttons from the checkout page. To do this, you will need to access the pages HTML code and remove the code for the buttons. If you are using a custom platform, you will need to look through the code and remove the code for the buttons. Depending on the platform, you may need to contact the developer or a web developer to help you with this.


It is important to note that removing these buttons may affect the checkout process. If you do not want to remove these buttons, you may be able to disable them instead. This will allow customers to still see them, but they will not be able to use them.

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Were you able to figure this out?

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unfortunately not.

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I backed up my theme and went to edit code. In my cart template, I removed this code. Mine is Canopy, so yours may look different. When I saved it, it removed them. Hope this works!


{% if section.settings.show_additional_checkout_buttons and additional_checkout_buttons %}
<div class="additional-checkout-buttons">
{{ content_for_additional_checkout_buttons }}
{% endif %}

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Hi @Frylics 

Follow these Steps:

Go to Online Store Edit Code Find theme.liquid file or base.css

Add the following code in the bottom of the file above </body> tag {
    display: none;