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Hi everyone,

I am currently using the free "Refreshing" theme, and in Online Store  > References, the homepage title part is "The Number #1 Place For Snus in Vietnam | Deliver to all of Vietnam!". However, when searching up my store on Google, it kept showing "SnusLAB: The Number #1 Place For Snus in Vietnam | Deliver to all of Vietnam!". 

I would like to remove the "SnusLAB:" part at the beginning for better SEO purposes. From what I've read this can be solved in the theme code, could someone have a look please, I would really really appreciate it since it has been days trying figure this out.

In my theme.liquid, my <title> code is:
{{ page_title }}
{%- if current_tags %} &ndash; tagged "{{ current_tags | join: ', ' }}"{% endif -%}
{%- if current_page != 1 %} &ndash; Page {{ current_page }}{% endif -%}
{%- unless page_title contains %} &ndash; {{ }}{% endunless -%}


How would I change it so it removes the "SnusLAB:" (store name) at the beginning? Greatly appreciate any help! 

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Hi @AlanNguyen1 !


Since the store name is only showing under Google search, even though you edit out your theme code, the store name will still appear in your Google SEO because the update is coming directly in Google and not in your store. Any updates in your Shopify store like URLs, SEOs, Logos, will need to be re-indexed by Google and for some new Shopify stores, it will take a while for the changes to appear in Google. For your reference and for more insights, you can check Request Google to Recrawl Your Website help document.


Hope this helps!

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Thanks for the reply, but I tried to change it, but only the part that is not "SnusLAB:" got changed. It seems like the first part is fixed into the code. Please let me know if you can have a look at my code for me. Thank you in advance!