Removing Unused Javascript To Help Improve Speed

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Is there a way of removing unused javascript to help improve overall page / site load time?

Am trying to optimise images but I know this will be a big factor as well.



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Hi BumbleLiving!

Optimizing your website by minimizing unused JavaScript can lead to faster loading speeds.

Here are some options that can help you:

- use a performance analysis tool (for example LighthousePageSpeed Insights);
With these tools, you will receive a full report with detailed information about the files that are being uploaded to your site and the time they take to load.
- manually remove JavaScript files;
This means going through your website's code and removing all the JavaScript files that aren't being used. It's a laborious process, but it's worth it.
- minimize files;
Combine multiple files into one and minimize whitespace. This will reduce the file size and load time of your website.

- optimize;

HTML provides the async and defer attributes to load the page faster and minimize the larger script loading lag by downloading them in the background.

I hope that my answer helps you to resolve the issue. If you need a more detailed explanation or further help - just contact me.

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Hi @Mgroup 

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