Renting cleaner with delivery service and washing powder as upsell (this is not an ad)

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I am currently renting a cleaner with delivery service and washing powder as a upsell and want to move business to shopify. Customers can choose for how many days they want to rent and to choose if they want delivery service or not, also they choose how much washing powder they need.

Formula for the total sum is: (cleaner fee) * (days) + (delivery fee , if chosen; 0 if not) + (washing powder, if chosen; 0 if not) = total rental service price for the chosen days. 


Please advise me, how should I set up my store? For calendar reservation I found BookThatApp, but how should I set up the other two things? 

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Hi @selvestravicius 


The easiest way to set this up is to use a product options app.  These apps let you create add-ons, with a price that can be added to the total rental price.


You can find these on the app store:


Typically for a delivery fee, you would use the Shopify checkout process to offer customers the ability to select delivery or a pick up option.   Please see for more information.



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Setting up your Shopify store to offer cleaner rentals with delivery service and washing powder as upsells can be accomplished through the following steps:

  1. Product Setup:

    • Create a product for the cleaner rental. Include the cleaner fee as the product's price.
    • Create a product for delivery service (if chosen). Set the price for delivery service.
    • Create a product for washing powder (if chosen). Set the price for washing powder.
  2. Variants and Options:

    • For the cleaner rental product, you can set variants for the number of days (e.g., 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc.).
    • For the delivery service and washing powder products, you can use simple variants to indicate whether the customer wants to add these services to their order (e.g., Yes/No or On/Off).
  3. Bundling:

    • You can use Shopify's bundling feature to offer a discount when customers rent a cleaner for multiple days and add delivery or washing powder to their order.
  4. Total Price Calculation:

    • Create a script or use a Shopify app to calculate the total price based on your formula: (cleaner fee) * (days) + (delivery fee, if chosen; 0 if not) + (washing powder, if chosen; 0 if not).
    • You might need a custom solution for this since Shopify's default setup doesn't handle dynamic pricing like this.
  5. BookThatApp Integration:

    • Integrate BookThatApp for calendar reservation, as you mentioned. This will handle booking and availability management.
  6. Upsell Promotions:

    • Use upsell apps or Shopify's built-in features to promote delivery service and washing powder during the checkout process.
  7. Checkout Customization:

    • You can customize your Shopify checkout page with apps like "Bold Upsell" or "ReConvert" to offer delivery service and washing powder as last-minute add-ons before the customer completes the order.
  8. Customer Communication:

    • Clearly communicate the rental terms, options, and total cost to your customers in product descriptions and on the checkout page.
  9. Testing:

    • Thoroughly test your setup to ensure the total price calculations are accurate and that customers can easily select their desired options.
  10. Customer Support:

  • Provide customer support to address any questions or concerns related to the laundry service, and washing powder options.

Remember that setting up a customized system like this might require some development work or integration with third-party apps.