Replace Thank and Order Status Pages & Additional Scripts

Replace Thank and Order Status Pages & Additional Scripts

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I have to replace my Thank you and Order status pages because I currently have 2 additional scripts added to my Checkout: Enhanced Conversion Data and Google Ads Conversion.  


I do not have any apps.


1.  Can I just delete the additional scripts? I am using Shopify's Google & Youtube Channel, and it automatically adds conversion tracking events to my Google Ads account during setup.

2. Do I need to add these additional scripts to a new pixel and add it to Customer Events? 

3. What is the easiest solution for a non-technical person?


Thank you for your help.



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Hello Lamccormick,

Thanks for your query.

1. You may use Shopify partner app for conversion Tracking. But in the near future 3rd party domain cookies like facebook pixel, google tag, GA tag is not going to work as the browsers would block it. 

2. If you want to track the purchase you need to use data layer in customer events custom pixel.

3. easiest solution is using shopify app and permanent solution is to set up the conversion using Google Tag Manager. 



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