Report or process to show if an order's items are in-stock and available to ship?

Report or process to show if an order's items are in-stock and available to ship?

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Hi there-

Is there a way to pull a report in Shopify to show which orders have items that are in-stock and can be fulfilled immediately?


We have some in-stock items and also do made-to-order. It seems tedious to have to go into each order individually and cross-reference with inventory management system in Shopify. Or conversely to go into the inventory and click on each product to see which are committed and what else is in the order.


Anyone find a solution to this type of issue?




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  1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to the "Orders" section.

  2. Click on the order number of the order you want to fulfill.

  3. In the order details page, scroll down to the "Order details" section and click on the "Fulfill items" button.

  4. In the "Fulfillment" section, you can view the items in the order and their fulfillment status. If an item is in stock and can be fulfilled immediately, its status will be "Unfulfilled".

  5. To see a list of orders with in-stock items that can be fulfilled immediately, click on the "Fulfillment" tab in the left sidebar. This will show you a list of all orders that have unfulfilled items.

  6. You can filter the list by using the "Stock" filter to only show orders with in-stock items.

  7. You can also use the "Export" button to export the list of orders to a CSV file for further analysis or use in external tools.

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Thanks @EcomGraduates 

I understand #s 1-4, I think. 


For #5, I don't have a "fulfillment" tab on my left sidebar. Instead I clicked on the top bar "fulfillment status" to sort. I don't see a "stock" filter. See picture. Am I looking in the wrong spot?



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Yes, I get lost at step 5 as well.

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What was the findings on this? I need to be able to clearly see if an orders items are in stock and available to ship....

The above instructions look promising but I cant seem to work it out.

Can anyone help with this?

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Hi @tedvmg,


Keanna here from the Better Reports support team. I would recommend our app Better Reports for this.


Better Reports can create a custom report showing the total quantity pending fulfillment by product/variant. This would aggregate unfulfilled units across all orders. We can further filter the report to include only specific products/vendors/product types or only items where the inventory quantity > 0. We can also create a version at the order / line item level to show the quantity pending fulfillment by order and line item and only include items that are in stock.


In addition to custom reporting capabilities, Better Reports offers more than 80 built-in reports that cover your most common reporting needs including sales, current inventory, refunds, payouts, and more.


I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial and I'll be happy to set this up for you.

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Hi Tedvmg, Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm new to Shopify and struggling to find a work around.

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Hey, @BVAmanda 

In Shopify, there isn't a built-in feature that directly provides a report showing which orders have items in stock for immediate fulfillment. However, you can achieve a similar outcome by using a third-party app like the Order Automator app. To streamline the process of identifying orders with in-stock items, you can utilize the app to generate reports that highlight orders containing products available for immediate fulfillment. By setting up custom filters within the app, you can quickly identify orders that meet your criteria and prioritize them for processing.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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