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I'm a Shopify store owner, Shopify has for my purposes been a fantastic product. However, as soon as I decided to purchase something from someone else's Shopify store, I was sorely disappointed by a scam website. 


After looking into the site, Strouz, I found that the store owner is operating more than one scam site ripping people off for counterfeit phone cases (Vorus Men, Strouz). In my case, after a product did finally arrive after a month, it's not the same product as advertised, and it wasn't even functional. It arrived unbranded, broken and unable to be used with multiple manufacturing defaults. After attempting to get my money back as per the stores "refund policy", they refused and offered me only a voucher to purchase another case and now will not communicate at all. Upon checking their Facebook, there are only complaints describing the same issues I've had, and they won't allow comments on their Instagram posts for obvious reasons. I tried posting comments on their FB page that were promptly deleted by Strouz.


Why is there no way for us to report scam stores like this?


This kind of store should not be allowed to still be live, scamming more people as is evident by the new reviews on their FB page. Inevitably this kind of deceit only brings down all of the legitimate Shopify operators. Is there some advice someone can give me to have these stores taken down? I don't want more people to have their money stolen and time wasted.   


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How about reporting shopify to the FTC or the Attorney General of the state their offices are located in.  Since they are being notified of scam websites, they are ignoring it and knowingly allowing people to get scammed.  That makes them an accessory.   That's like me seeing someone getting robbed and I have every power to stop it and I just stand there and watch. I am just as guilty.    As for the contract, i can GUARANTEE in their ToS it say they have the right to terminate any contract at their sole discretion.  I have yet to find a company who DIDN'T have the power to end a relationship.