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In the green shopify app, reports always default to comparing to the previous period. I'd LOVE for the reports to default to comparing to the previous year. I'm in a business with pretty significant seasonal swings and it's much more useful to compare to the same period last year.

Every time I pull a report to see how we're doing, I have to go through pages of clicks to get it to compare to last year instead of yesterday, last week, or last month. 

The recent update made this even more challenging, adding multiple clicks to go through to get it to compare to previous year. I feel silly complaining about extra clicks, but it seems like a basic want that would benefit most people.

Is there a way to make reports default to the previous year? If not, is there a way to convince the developers that after I reset the report to previous year for the 100th time, that's really what I want, not previous period?

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If you are on Advanced or Plus you can save the reports after you modify them.