repurchase function after order with discount

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simple issue, could not find a solution.

1. A regular customer places an order for 100$ because it is a returning customer gets a 10% discount. The order is reduced to 90$.
2. The customer wants to place the same order a month later, they use the buy again button under their account.
3. In the shopping cart, the old order is reproduced and it immediately comes out at 90$.
4. The regular customer discount of 10% goes over the order again and it now comes out at 81$ for the same products.


This can be repeated until everything becomes as good as free.

In the desired situation, the buy again button would cause the same previously purchased products to reappear in the cart but of course at the defined price.


Of course there can be a discount again but at the original price.

Unfortunately I don't get the issue, it doesn't seem like a common behavior.

Thanks for the time and effort.
Regards Robin

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Hi @RobinDeJong,


Is this an app? Are you allowing 10% discount every purchase? The discount should applied to the original price and not the previous price. Sorry, if I don't follow

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Hi Ribe, thanks for your reply, maybe I was not as clear as I thought. We use Regios Discounts for the automated discounts on specific tags. However, the same problem occurs with orders where a code was used manually, so I don't think it has anything to do with that.


I'm going to try to show an example. I used this account to place an order with the shop myself, with a code, 10% of the order value goes off.



When I press buy again on this order it puts it back in the basket, the prices are no longer the same as the product prices but the old discount has already been granted.




Regards Robin

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Hi Robin, I'm the developer of Regios Automatic Discounts, which you mentioned you're currently using.


How is your "buy again" button implemented? Are you using a built-in Shopify feature, or a 3rd-party app?


Since I have context on how the app works, knowing how your "buy again" button creates orders could help me come up with a workaround for you.


Please reply with your answers to the above questions. Thanks!

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Hi Tobe,


Yes using Regios discounts, good stable app :).


The "buy again" button is default build-in Shopify feature.


Greets, Thnx