REQUEST: Add Alternative Payments link to top of checkout

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Hi There,


For years, we've received questions about how to use other payment methods. And for each person who can be bothered emailing or chatting, many more leave our site assuming we don't accept VISA, AMEX, AfterPay etc.


The main issue arrises when Shop Pay logs-in automatically, but now the customer wants to use an alternative like AfterPay.


At checkout, customers want to see all their payment options and as merchants, we want to show them the ways they can pay, so why hide them? Paying is the whole point at the payment stage of the funnel - right?


Could we please have a copy of the 'Alternative Payments Method' link added to the top of checkout like this?





That way, people have a better understanding of their payment options when paying for stuff. Important options are currently hidden under tiny, obscured links (one is a 30px wide chevron!). Why hide payment options at the payment stage of the funnel? Makes no sense - right?


And if you're a Shopify UX designer reading this, could you please test these sorts of use-cases with people who have money (aged 50+) because customers contact us every month asking why they can't use AfterPay (or even VISA or AMEX!. There are also many long threads related to this issue on the forums.


Hope that all makes sense, and that this frustration will get fixed, it's been going on for years. Cheers, Ben

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Hey Ben,

Are you a plus customer?

Also, can you provide the store link so I can better see the ui/ux.

We might be able to help with hiding and showing certain payment options on your checkout.


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Thanks for the reply. We're not a plus member and we're using Dawn. This is our site:

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If you're on Shopify Plus, you can potentially use Checkout UI extensions to add an "Alternative payment methods" component to the checkout.