REQUEST: Bring back one-click access to sales breakdowns

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Hi There,


The changes to the home area online and in the iOS apps have created endless tapping/clicking to get important top-line info that used to be available at a glance. For example, we used to have one-tap access to Total sales vs Online sales vs POS sales.


Can we bring this back?


Sorry if we’re missing something basic here but the Reports area is unnecessarily painful for a variety of reasons - it needs a total overhaul sorry. Great if you’re a data nerd, terrible if you’re a normal business owner.


Hope that makes sense, much appreciated. Cheers, Ben


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202 8 147

For more context, here's the old way (I've left one of our POS iPads on the old apps so we get quick access to the data we need)...

- Switching the time filter is one-tap

- The old dashboard provided useful data in a visual way - and with one tap




And here's the new way

- Switching the time filter now takes two-taps

- The Report button has no useful visual data

- Other data is presented in a confusing, scrolling table (the worst way possible - right?)

- There's no break-down of sales channels that we can find


Again, sorry if the previous data is still one-tap away (or even availbale from the home screen) but if it is, it's certainly not obvious...