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Dear Shopify Team, 
             I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to request an extension of my current free trialperiod for my Shopify store, Maximo Online store. Since starting my trial, I have been actively working on refining my store's design, optimizing product listings, and fine-tuning the overall user experience. However, I have found that I still need more time to implement additional changes and enhancements to ensure that my store is fully optimized for success.
                      Specifically, I plan to add a significant number of new products to my store in order to provide a diverse range of options for potential customers. This process requires careful consideration of product descriptions, images, pricing strategies, and integration with various apps and features offered by Shopify. 
 Moreover, I am keen to conduct thorough testing to assess the effectiveness of these changes and additions. This includes analyzing user engagement, conversion rates, and overall sales performance to identify areas for improvement and optimization. 
 Extending the free trial period would provide me with the necessary time and flexibility to complete these tasks comprehensively, ultimately leading to a more successful and profitable Shopify store. I would greatly appreciate any consideration you could give to my situation. 
 Thank you for your attention to this matter. I eagerly await your response. 
 Warm regards,
Ali Pervaiz
Store Name: Maximo Online store
Website URL:
email: [REDACTED]
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Hi @Ali7878 ,


As far as i know, the free trial period is limited. Shopify offers a free trial for three days, and users can extend it to 30 days for $1. After that you cannot extend the trial period.


However, i can create a new development store for you. The development store are free and will be charged only when we activate the store. Do let me know if you want me to create a development store.


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