Request for Regionalized Pricing and Discount Coupon for Shopify Certification Exam in Brazil

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My name is Sérgio, and I am a Product Manager at a startup in Brazil called Adminer.

I have been studying for the Shopify Fundamentals certification and I have been enjoying the content a lot.

However, I noticed that the exam fee is $99, which, when converted to Brazilian Real (our currency), is quite high.

For comparison: Exam price in Brazilian Real: R$500.00 Minimum wage established by the government: R$1,100.00.

It's almost 50% of the monthly salary for someone in that situation. 😕

Is it possible to regionalize the certification fee for Brazil? Additionally, would it be possible to provide a discount coupon for me to take the exam?

In any case, I would like to congratulate you for being part of this certification program. I have become a fan of your work.


Product Manager at Adminer, a SaaS B2B startup focused on helping merchants find and sell profitable products!
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Hi Sergio,

I also had a similar query. I am from India and the exam fee being $99 is quite high. I hope someone from Shopify team sees this and try to help us by giving some concession. This will encourage more people to join the partners program. 

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I'm from Bangladesh, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. The pricing can indeed be quite high for our countries. Can someone answer from Shopify?