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[REQUEST] Removal of Postal Code Option in Checkout Page

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Dear Shopify Team,


We’ve noticed a recurring issue that’s impacting our sales: the mandatory Postal Code field during checkout.


The countries we serve do not use or recognize postal codes, which has led to confusion and hesitation for our customers. This often results in abandoned checkouts.


We’re aware of the workaround where customers can enter a default value like “123456789”, but it’s far from optimal and further confuses our customers.


We’ve researched this issue and found that many other Shopify merchants face the same challenge and share our sentiments.


While we understand the functionality and features offered by Shopify Plus, the investment is significantly higher just for this singular change.


We strongly urge Shopify to consider offering the flexibility to remove or make the Postal Code field optional based on regions or countries. This change would drastically improve the checkout experience for a substantial number of stores and, more importantly, our local customers.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to a more streamlined checkout experience for all Shopify merchants.


Warm regards,


Ameer Abed.

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