REQUEST: Shop App support basic HTML5 elements like small

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Hi There,


Could product descriptions in the Shop app please support all HTML5 elements like <small> See attached.


For so many reasons, we can't remove <small> from our product descriptions and it seems silly the Shop app doesn't support basic HTML5 elements in 2024 🤦


It doesn't have to render the text smaller as the Shop app is a different context but it should at least render the content - right?


Much appreciated. Cheers, Ben



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And for full context, here's the HTML - no tricks just basic markup.


Hopefully this can get sorted quick-smart as important product info isn't displaying in the Shop App which is silly - right?


<h2>Full Sets</h2>
<li><small>1x TOP SHEET</small></li>
<li><small>1x FITTED SHEET</small></li>
<li><small>2x STANDARD PILLOWCASES</small></li>