Requiring registration\login to access store possible?

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I am looking into building a Shopify store and I think I might have things a bit confused. I currently have a site on web host with a member management system, through registrations customers get into the site using their username\password combo.

Basically my whole site should be not viewable, you cannot see or get to anything wihtout logging in, so;

Main Page -> Login OR New Register ->Login takes you to the "Catalog\Shop" and "New Register" takes you to the create account with my customized registration page.

So I contacted two different compainies, one was a member management site who stated that there product does not work with Shopify as it is an e-commerce site only and then I contacted an app in the Shopify store that said this could be done but it might not need their app to do all of this.

So, I think i'm a bit confused. Does Shopify actually house the "members" to the store itself, so lets say a customer lost their password I would do that within Shopify? Is all of this possible and do I need to use an app to do this OR is it easier to do with the app? 


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Shopify it self have the customer login/ registration feature. You just need to apply some basic liquid customization and you are able to make store only for the login customer. Once the customer register on your store they get into the site using their username\password .

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so do you have a solution for this?
without buying an app?




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You might want to look into these apps:

There are probably others. Membership apps might work too.

Without an app you would have to modify the theme's code to only show content when there's a logged-in customer and redirect anyone else to the login page. If you're not familiar with Liquid, Shopify's templating language, head over to to get a quote from a Shopify Expert for the theme modification.

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Thanks for the replies, thats good stuff!

The directions at this link are easy enough to follow and I am pretty sure I can implement it;

I have looked at those two apps previously and thats what I want to do but what would they bring to the table that doing the above per link wouldn't do? I get that they can add filters to user access and lock only certain pages but for me I want to lock the entire site and only require a registration to get in so would there be a benefit to using the app other than the automation of it all?


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Hi. Any help please... how to change the "Create Account' to 'Register an Account'. We want our regular customer to be able to login and purchase using PO number but at the same time we don't want to restrict other customers who can pay via credit card.

The current settings when customer accounts is optional, everyone can just create an account and automatically they get to log-in. We want to be able to review and approve their account first. 

I have been reading in this forum but can't seem to find the right solution for me. We are using Launchpad-Star theme. I can't seem to find any customer related liquid too -

Appreciate help and advices please.

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Why don't you try this app

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