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Does anyone (freelance or agency) develop stores for clients and act as a reseller? I mean ... taking the ownership and paying subscription for the stores and building an external invoicing/payment relationship directly with the client (including consultant fees)? Any resource/advice about it. Encouraging or discouraging it? I think this is a common scenario. Maybe some of you adopted it. Discussion is open to anybody who would like to provide his own thoughts about it.

I can see other platforms (shopify competitors) provide explicitly this service. So maybe shopify does not encourage this practice.


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Hi @ShopHallo 


Thanks for the great question!

We are AVADA, a Shopify app provider, and we provide different apps for different purposes for your store (email sending, review, invoice, ect.)

During our time as an app provider, we've seen quite a few store merchants hiring other person/agency to run their store entirely, or to run the email marketing only.

This is quite common, but not so much in Shopify as other platform (Magento for example). The reason is because a large majority of Shopify merchants are small business, so it's not really necessary for them to hire someone help them run the store. They can do it themselves and that's enough. 


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I have this same desire. I want to allow my partners to embed my store into their white-labelled website so that they can act as if it is their store, but all the orders and fulfilments are coming through my store. You would think Shopify would want all stores to have these capabilities as it means more Sales Revenue for them.