Reserve Item To Cart For Limited Time Frame.

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It's very usual that our shop sells highly valued items that usually sells out within minutes (sometimes seconds).


What happens is when these drops come, the customers only buy the one product (because they are scared someone else will checkout faster).

I want to prevent this and have the item reserved in their cart for X minutes (and therefore also being deducted/reserved in the stock). This is so the customers can in the own peace of mind add more items to their cart to increase the total order value.


In addition, i'd love a way to restrict the number of items of a specific product you can buy. Instead of writing the description of the product "Max 1 pcs per customer" and then manually refund all the customers who has bought more than 1 i'd like to restrict this from the store.


I haven't found any app or similar way to achieve this.

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Totally feel your pain - we have similar issue - just discovered MimMaxify add on to limit purchases of each item to one. Although it will add more than one to the cart it won't let you check out with more than one. 

But also would like to give people a chance to reserve an item into their basket and give them a couple of minutes to check out while the stock is 'theirs' - after this time the stock will go back onto inventory. Cannot see any add ons that make this possible.... HELP PLEASE

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Have you found a solution to the problem of reserving stock for a limited period?
We have the same problem and would like to find a solution. Thank you!