Returns Reporting Flaw --Any thoughts

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A few months back Shopify seems to have made a change in the way Returns are reported. Now when a customer requests a return and you approve the request, the reporting shows that the sales are taken out that day. Keep in mind, the customer has not even begun the return or sent the product back. That creates a big issue with Shopify's method of logging the return in the sales report because there are times when a customer may not bother to return the product at all even if they request the return.


The return should only be deducted from any report when the actual refund is made to the customer and that return is closed out. I already contacted Shopify and they said that is how its intended, which makes no sense. 


Please make it make sense, am I missing something as why it needs to happen this way? Its throwing off my reports when I am trying to review performance because sales are being deducted before a refund is made. 


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