Rounding prices in bulk

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I am currently trying to find a method to round multiple products to an integer rather than being to two decimal points. I have over 2k products that i am looking to change therefore doing it individually would take way too much time and it just isn't a feasible option for me. I have tried looking through forums already only to find the answer for secondary markets with an alternative currency but I am needing to change the price in my primary market (GBP). Other answers are to use apps but as I am looking to change so many products, each app I have looked has a pricy tail end to be able to do as many actions as needed. Any help or pointers to this would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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When you sell in markets, exchange conversions might cause your product prices and shipping rates to have inconsistent price endings. You can round your product prices and shipping rates to avoid inconsistent price endings after the currency conversion process. Your converted prices change based on the foreign exchange rate, but applying rounding rules keeps your prices and shipping rates stable.

Rounding rules don't apply to gift cards.

You can enable rounding rules, and then preview converted prices from your Markets page.

You can view a breakdown of how each product price is calculated for each market.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Markets.

  2. In the Other markets section, click Preferences.

  3. Select the Price rounding check box.

  4. Click Save.

When rounding rules are enabled, Shopify automatically rounds prices to the most common denominator for each currency. You can't customize your rounding rules to anything different from these defaults.

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Hi Nicco, I have already enabled this setting for other markets but I'm wanting to alter the prices on my primary or main market to round them off so on all markets with different and all currencies the prices are whole. 

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Hi @charlieharrier,

Our Bulk Product Editor app allows you to easily standardize your bulk pricing adjustments using options like "Round Decimals", "Round Whole Number", and "Round Whole Number Up".

Read our knowledgebase article to learn all about this feature:

There is also a free version available that allows for 5 free edits every 30 days.  If you have any questions about the app or it's capabilities you can reach us directly at 

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