Running a report on a sale event

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We ran a sale event last month and I would like to know how much of a discount we lost during the sales event. Is it possible to run a Sales Report to show this information? 


I want to see the "Price vs. Compare at Price" in a report for the month of August. I am banging my head on this one and cannot find the right data points in the Reports Section. 


Any help is much appreciated. 


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Unfortunately, there is no way in Shopify's reporting to report on price versus compare at price.


Our Report Toaster app can help. We have created reports like this for other customers that compare these values and calculate the difference. Please feel free to take a look and contact support to get this setup on your account.

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Thanks @CloudlabSam - that's what I figured. I appreciate the response and I will take a look at your app. 

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Hey there @timetimetime ,

Are you still looking for a workaround? Utilize Report Pundit for a customized reporting service, We offer Premade reports templates and options to create reports from scratch or we can set this up for you.

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Hi @timetimetime i hope you managed to find a fitting solution for this since it was needed a couple of months ago. 


I am a bit late with my reply here but I thought I'd leave my suggestion also in case it's needed for the future, I hope you don't mind. 


For 'Price' and 'Compare at Price' metrics on your sales, I recommend having a look at Datma. Our app provides dozens of measures at the product level for a comprehensive analysis of your sales.  


We also have a report called Price Change Effect which gives you the revenue, units sold, and gross margin at different price points for each product - this report is great at analyzing your sales when using discounts.


If you'd like to learn more, you can check us out on the Shopify page.  


Let me know if you have any questions 🙂