Sale Items from Multiple Product Types in one collection?

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Hi folks,


This might be really obvious to some of you, or maybe it actually would take some thought. I have products broken down into specific categories with bigger umbrella categorization. Take for instance Bottoms which contains both Pants and Shorts. Right now if you click Bottoms you will be shown both pants and shorts because the collection can be set to Must Match: Any Condition.

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However, what if I wanted to show this same collection but for items on sale. Normally you would set up a collection, let's call it Sale Bottoms, but because I need to now add the condition Compare At Price: Is not Empty, I have to set the conditions to be Must Match: All Conditions otherwise I'll get all pants not just the ones on sale. Now I am no longer able to show Bottoms>Pants and Shorts On Sale, only Bottoms> Pants On Sale OR Shorts on Sale. Any ideas on how to work around this other than having to use tags or something?




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Have the same issue, I’ve reached out to our account rep to see if they have any recommendations. HUGE issue creating outlet/sale collections.