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Hey all, 


I hope all is well. I would like to see the sizes that my customers are ordering in a report. I cannot find the sales by product variant option anywhere. How can I go about this if I have lots of orders? I cannot to do this manually in the allotted time I have.

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Hi @MyneMane 

Thank you for reaching out here.


You could get a report by variant SKU by selecting Analytics -> Reports -> Sales by product variants SKU.

After access to the report, you could modify and select the field that you want to include by clicking on the Date Range and Edit columns Section.

If you would like to get a report in the Excel file, should click Export to do this.


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Is this only available on an upgraded shopify plan please?



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Hi @MyneMane,


Keanna here from the Better Reports support team. I would recommend our app Better Reports for this!


We can create a custom report showing sales by variant option 'size'. This will allow you to see which sizes are most sold across your products. This can be filtered for a specific date range, product type, collection, vendor etc.


In addition to custom reporting capabilities, Better Reports offers more than 60 built-in reports that cover your most common reporting needs including sales, current inventory, refunds, payouts, and more. Our reports can even be scheduled to send at a set frequency to your email or Google Drive!


I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial and I'll be happy to set this up for you.

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You can have a look at Datma for such reports. As well as product-level analytics, our app gives you the possibility to create a custom report to track variant sales. 


Datma aims at offering its users a full view of their product performance. If this sounds like something you need, you can check us out here, on Shopify Apps. 


Feel free to get in touch if you have questions 🙂