Sales Stopped???

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We launched a new shopify store in June, first 6 weeks of sales were amazing (i have other ECommerce stores and never had a launch like this) 

Then for no reason i can see the sales just stopped, didn't even slow just stopped. Then about a month later we had a cracking weekend of sales, then on the Monday the sales just stopped again? 

I have a great google ads manager, as i say we have other website doing great. So i know the ads are in good hands. 

But i cant work out why sales just keep stopping? 

Is there anyway i can check logs so see if start/stop coincides with an app install or something?


Thanks in advance



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Hello @kelvinb2,

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This is not the accepted solution 

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Did you find out why your sales stopped and did you find a solution? We are experiencing something similar. 

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HI Krane


I never did find out why, currently that website is sitting doing nothing. Unfortunately it seems to be a common issue, my other website that was doing great, crashed so for speed i built a shopify site.....guess what. Sales have now died on that site, September is our worst month ever. Looks like i'll be going back to WordPress.

I even had a crazy weekend of sales then dropped again, just like my other site?


Sorry i can't help, good luck with your site. If i do find anything i'll drop you a line

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I am also experiencing this same phenomenon this month. Cracking sales for weeks, then suddenly days with zero sales. Analytics show a similar number of sessions or a minor drop-off. I've had Google ads running for over a year. Can't figure out what's going on. 

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Sorry to hear this, currently both of my websites are up and down, this week one website Saturday to Tuesday was great then Wednesday and Thursday nothing (zero sales) 

My other website was great over the weekend, then nothing till today. I'll give it till the new year then i'm going back to wordpress

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One thing i did see today. 

I subscribe to semrush, and today for some reason my website had 4k errors and my domain score had dropped, So i'm wondering if this has anything to do with sales drops? The report was saying i had over 3k broken links. 

Last week my site was perfect???