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Sales Taxes in Alabama

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Is there anyone else with a home based business in Alabama that's been having issues with Shopify collecting sales taxes correctly? We are a destination based state, which means that sales taxes are collected based on the customer's shipping address. We do not have a physical store location; again we are home based and only sell online. However, shopify is not charging local (city and county) sales taxes on orders that are being shipped within my state, but not within my local city or county. Basically, I'm located in the city of Calera, county Shelby (homebased) and any orders that are shipped outside of our city and county will not collect the local sales taxes. I'm loosing sooooo much money and this isn't fair. No one has been able to provide a solution. I guess I'm expected to keep taking orders that don't collect sales taxes and then pay the amounts out of my pocket to my local revenue departments. I'm sick on the stomach at this point and may have to shut my online store down and switch to another platform.

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