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Hello everyone, i have a question that i am runing ads on Meta since one month now, budget changed over the month from 30$ a day to 50$ a day. The compaigns were for interesting testing. But now i am running ads for sales at 50$ a day with different ad sets included but i am not getting sales. So far since beginning i have got only one order. Can someone guide me please?

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If your marketing campaigns are driving traffic but not generating sales, there may be a deeper issue. We would recommend pausing all paid marketing efforts, and spending time to analyse various aspects of your website/business to try and identify areas of improvement. 


If you are comfortable sharing your website URL, we would be happy to take a look and offer some cursory suggestions. 


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Hello, thanks for the reply. Here is link to my store

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as details about campaign are limited i can just provide the most popular problems. You mentioned that you changed the ads spent and there still no sales so the first thing to do is to understand if the ad is shown to:

 - target audience - interests of the audience matched with adds shown to them

 - target demography - cost of ads can vary from one group to another, probably your product would be more relevant for a specific group 

 - target geo - if your business is not global than it makes sense to limit geography to a specific country or even area of the city


If CTR is high but bounce rate is also high it makes sense to check your ad as it could attract without intent to buy or even without understanding what they are supposed to buy.


Traffic to the product page - how many users spent more than 30 seconds on the product page? Do you have adds to cart? If you have lost carts i would recommend to try abandoned cart recovery initiatives as these clients are stopped in 1 click distance from the purchase.

In case if there are no add to carts i would recommend to make some competitors research and check your shipping and refund policies. 

If you want to check demand on your product without impact of your store it makes sense to try selling via marketplaces as there brand is less important than product you sell + people there are going with higher intent to buy.


I hope it helps.


best wishes

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