Salescode works after 30sec - 1 minute for some products

Salescode works after 30sec - 1 minute for some products

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I use 2 different product configuration apps where you can write things on t-shirts.


The problem is the discount code doesn't work straight away but only 30 seconds to 1 minute later.


I spent hours looking at what was wrong then I noticed that I had selected all categories for the discount code then I saw that if you create a product in the product configurator and then add it to the shopping cart, it will only be assigned to the respective category 30 seconds to 1 minute later . What do I do now ? I saw an online shop that uses the same app and it works straight away.


€: I can not choose directly the product because the product configurator creates a new product so the product is not in my "inventory" yet.

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Hi @printee123 

Usually, Shopify app will load after your store has fully loaded so it will works after your store load only. You can contact app developer so they can enable install load for the app to make it load same as your store. 

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