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I recently used TinyIMG to audit different areas of my website and kept getting the recurring "You have x amount of images that are larger than needed to be displayed resulting in x Kb of potential savings. Serving images that are appropriately-sized will save cellular data and improve load times. You have x images that are larger than needed to be displayed!" error. 


Does anyone know what steps I have to take in order to fix this issue? I lose image quality when I attempted to reduce the size of some of the images. Am I doing something wrong?


I am currently using the Showcase theme.


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Shopify Partner
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In the theme code, the image is being generated by a code like this:

{{ product.featured_image | img_url: '1024x1024' }}

 To this you have to reduce that resolution to adapt it to the required size. Example:

{{ product.featured_image | img_url: '300x300' }}

If you don't know how to code I recommend you hire a Shopify Partner.