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Due to our usual time of fulfillment (midnight), we don't want to send shipping confirmation emails to customers at the time we added tracking number. When we updated the tracking number initially, we have to untick the 'Send notification email to customer' option, so the customers won't get disturbed in the midnight.

So our workflow was quite manual here. In morning, we have to go through every orders that was fulfilled from previous night, then go 'edit tracking' and tick the 'Send notification email' box to trigger a Shipping Notification email. 

I can't find a solution to schedule a shipping notification emails to be sent later or automate my case with shopify. Can anybody here give me some suggestions? 




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You could build a custom app to handle this, basically it would run a daily job at whatever time you wish, check all orders that have been fulfilled in the last day, edit / send tracking like you're doing manually.

I wouldn't worry about it though, if someone doesn't want to receive messages at midnight they'll have their phone on silent (assuming they have email notifications hooked up to their phone). Emails get sent at all times of the day from all over the place.

If you decide it's an important feature and want a custom app built, feel free to reach out to my team at We have 4 apps in the Shopify app store + regularly build custom solutions for Shopify stores, just like this.

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