Scrolling through variants and displaying all available colors on the product page

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Hi!  I just launched my store and I'm having issues with a couple display features on the product pages - 

1)  How can I enable a scrolling feature through all of the product variants vs. having to click on a color in order to see what the shirt looks like?  The product pages default to the one color with model wearing the shirt, and i want to be able to swipe through all colors after that. 

2)  If I don't end up liking the scrolling available variants, then I'm thinking I could display all of the different variant images below the main image for a full view of what's available.  How would I do that?  


I am using Dawn theme.  I am comfortable with code but need some guidance on this part.

Here is an example of what the pages currently look like:

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Shopify Partner
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Hi there! Are your images uploaded to the Media section of the products? I believe you'll want to upload them there, rather than just assigning to them to the individual variants, if you'd like them to appear as main images on your product pages. Let me know if that works out for you.


By the way, we just launched a new app that allows visitors to swipe through all of your variants, sort of like Tinder:


It's very customizable, you get swiping insights, and you don't have to make any changes to your theme. We'd love to get your feedback!