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I've googled it but I'm unsure if all solutions have been presented. 

I have a store with 8000+ products. So it's pretty much a be-all and end-all situation, if I can't search by variant/sku in the admin menu when I'm editing my products. 

When I receive new products they come only with the variant number - so it's nearly impossible to search by name. 

I'm considering putting the variant number in some other field/box - but I feel that's a poor fix for something that shouldn't really be a problem.  

It won't work for me if I have to use the storefront to search and then go back to the admin store. 


I found a few posts with the same problem. But they all seem to suggest manuel coding. I'd like to avoid that - so to avoid it being me having to make sure any updates cancels out that code/function. Why isn't there a checkbox for this? 

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Hi @Handler 

I think our App EasyScan will be perfect for this, you can easily search by SKU or Barcode. 

It is great for updating inventory, checking inventory, plus fulfilling orders. Just use any barcode scanner that can connect to your computer.

Let me know if you would like a demo.




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Hi @Handler,

I think ConnectPOS can lend you a hand in solving this problem. 

Products from Shopify are automatically synced to ConnectPOS and you can look for them through barcodes or SKU numbers. 

You can do this by

  • Manually searching for them by SKU numbers or barcode
  • Scanning barcodes through a scanner or the camera of your mobile devices

It could be a challenge to smoothly run an 8000+ products store, so let's find a solution to support your performance! You can visit our site for more information. 

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.
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I'm just gonna put it out there, because it simply baffles me...

We have 9000+ products most of which are only/mostly identifiable via the SKU number. We currently can't search and get results on partial SKU numbers.

There is no clear solution to that current problem , so we are actively looking at moving our website somewhere else. (unless sovled)


*A few apps have been somewhat able to do what we need. But they come wrapped in features we don't need, which makes them unnecessarily complicated for our workers.


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I think Shopify needs to fix "Search". I have the same situation. The idea that you have to use an app to search for a sku # is unbelievably ridiculous. 


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In case anybody else stills struggles with this - we found a workable app/add-on.

Report Toaster has made it possible for us to search partial SKU's.

So far we've been using the free version, and it's been great for our needs.

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Glad it's been working for you! Please let us know if we can help in any way.