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Searching multiple order in 'Filter Orders' Search bar

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Hi there, 


I am looking for a way to search multiple invoice numbers at the same time. The reason for doing so is that we upload our orders onto a route planning software and it sorts the orders into delivery routes. After it sorts the delivery routes, I am left with (for example) 50-60 delivery addresses per vehicle (or orders) out of a total of about 400 deliveries. I then have to go back into my Shopify store and print off the packing slips for one by one, typing in the invoice number each time as I do this. Currently I can't see any way to print the selected 50-60 specific orders out of my (for example) 400 deliveries in one go. 


This is very frustrating but I can't be the only person using Shopify that needs to print their invoices off in a particular order? I have no problem creating the export for the route planning software per run. It's what to do with it when I come back to Shopify.


It's worth noting that the items we sell are perishable goods so we don't just send them out as soon as they are ready. Customers can order for tomorrow, or next week or even pre-order for next month, so we have to be super specific about the orders we pack and dispatch everyday. 

Anyone come across the problem before of not being able to insert multiple orders into the 'Filter Orders' Search bar or just me? 


Thanking you for any helpful comments in advance. 


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Ian, we are dealing with this issue by exporting all our orders into Airtable and then merging our routing info there. 

We're currently printing by route and then manually collating each route. 

Am currently now working on passing tags or meta fields back into shopify so that we can use a 3rd party order printer app to print route/pick lists this way.


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I was facing a same issue and after a long struggle I came across a solution - You can use OR between your order numbers to search multiple orders at once. E.g (#1001 OR #1005 OR #1009) in same sequence with spaces - apparently you can custom search like this up-to 500 Orders as per my experience. Hope it Helps! Have a great day.

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Do we have any better solution? Putting "OR" between order id works but it also shows lots of not related order ids.


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If you wrap the order ID in quotes it will get rid of any unrelated results E.g ("#1001" OR "#1005" OR "#1009")