Secursus Shipping Insurance Integration

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Our shipping method:

I’m wondering if you can advise me on what would be best. We use a local courier service (shippie)to deliver local packages. This can be a flat $25 fee. (No need for insurance as shippie is a personalized service that is dependable.

Outside of this delivery range we will use UPS, DHL or Canada Post. Ups and DHL is calculated with net parcel. But Canada post is seperate. (These methods will need insurance)

During the shipping process are we able to have 3 shipping options

1 local courier $25 flat fee
2 Canada post calculated fee
3 DHL UPS (netparcel) calculated fee


Insurance option only for #2 and #3

- Once we make a shipping slip we goto the orders page and “fulfill” that order by entering the tracking number into there.
- we have the net parcel integration. We entered an order number into net parcel to make the shipping slip. Then automatically shopify will fulfill the item.
- Secursus slips need to be made no later than 12 hours past the dispatch time. So during the time of making the shipping slip or shortly after would be an ideal time.

Suggested Solution:
- Build a custom/private app.
- On cart page, I can calculate the insurance amount based on the total order price and add a product in the cart as shipping insurance product.
- If on checkout page, user selects the local delivery (shippie) option then I was confused that how can I easily remove the insurance amount? I thought about using shopify webhook (draft order update) that whenever user selects the local delivery shipping method the shipping insurance fee will be removed from the order but I've heard that shopify's webhooks get removed from time to time also if customers try to place multiple orders at the time then it'll become messy cause app can process one order at the time.

Can anyone suggest me a better solution, please?

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Hi @afifaakhtar,

Since you are using three different carriers, I think Multi Carrier Shipping Label App will be the best solution. The app integrates with top shipping carriers like DHL, Canada Post, USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc and helps you to completely automate your shipping process.

It offers real time shipping rates, helps printing shipping labels, request carrier pickup and print manifests. You can even set enable insurance and set the value as per your requirement. And the best part of this app is that you don't need to manually mark the orders fulfilled by entering tracking number. Once the 

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