Seeking Advice on Tracking Menu Clicks in Shopify Store

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Hello fellow Shopify enthusiasts,

If I may pick your brain, I'm seeking some insights and guidance on a tracking feature I'm trying to implement in my Shopify store. Specifically, I'm looking to track customer interactions with our menu items, with an emphasis on mobile user engagement. The goal is to determine which menu items are being clicked and how frequently.

In the past, we utilized Google Analytics for similar tracking tasks by setting up specific events. However, I'm not entirely sure if this method is still viable or the best approach with the current version of Google Analytics (GA4). I remember we had something set up in the previous versions of Google Analytics but I'm a bit foggy on the details for GA4.

Here's what I'm looking to achieve:

  • Track Clicks on Menu Items: We need to know exactly which menu items are clicked by the users, especially on mobile devices. This is crucial for understanding user preferences and improving our site navigation.

  • Google Analytics Integration: Ideally, we'd like to achieve this using Google Analytics. I believe GA4 should have this capability, but I am not certain how to set it up in the current version.

  • If Possible Non-Coding Solution Preferred: A solution that doesn’t involve additional coding would be great. However, if coding is the only way, then we're open to that as well, preferably a method that integrates smoothly with Google Analytics.

  • Open to Alternative Solutions: If we really need to code, that's fine with me. I am also open to using apps or tools that may not involve Google Analytics if they can effectively meet our tracking needs.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, tutorials, or resources on how to effectively set up this kind of tracking. If anyone has experience with GA4 in this regard or knows of alternative methods to achieve these objectives, your input would be invaluable.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

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