Seeking help: how do you deal with customer reviews on your ecommerce websites

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Hi there, I’m doing a startup project and as part of that process I’m researching and interviewing ecommerce managers, customer experience managers, CRM leaders on how they deal with customer reviews on their websites.


I would love to get on a 20-min phone or video call to learn about how you are thinking about it. I understand you may be very busy and I’m extremely thankful to even get a few minutes from you. If you are interested, please let me know.


Many thanks!

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Hello @allen666 


Great project that you're working on 🙂

Since you'll want to look for sign-ups in more interactive environments, I'd suggest you visit some closed Facebook communities.

Here are some names:

Shopify Ecommerce Group Facebook:
Shopify Mastery - 6 figure Shopify Group Facebook:

Shopify Store marketing Facebook: 
Shopify Dropshipping Facebook: 
Shopify Growth Mastermind Facebook: 

Shopify Newbies Facebook 
Shopify Experts& Newbies Facebook 

Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook 


Extra personal tip from me who has dealt with ecommerce managers and store owners my whole life: A heart-warming incentive would go a long way, if you can 🙂


Good luck, @allen666 !

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Hi @vian_FoxEcom , thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it!